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Floorworld is your locally owner operated Sydney discount carpet warehouse. You can expect nothing but the friendliest and most expert carpet and rug advice from your local Sydney carpet professionals at Floorworld.

We service customers all around Sydney and the surrounding locations with quality carpet and professional carpet installation and the lowest prices. We have a wide range of carpet colours, styles and fibres available for you to choose from.

Check out our latest carpet specials for the latest cheap carpet prices in Sydney. With our unbeatable range of exclusive cheap carpets, you’ll be sure to find the perfect carpet for your home or office.

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Unsure on what carpet is the best suited for your home or office?

Ask one of our friendly carpet experts today either in store or over the phone for some expert carpet advice. With our wealth of knowledge and eye for detail, we’ll be able to find you the most suitable carpet in Sydney that not only looks and feels amazing, but is at such a cheap price that you won’t be able to refuse!

We also stock a large variety of diverse carpet fibres which can be viewed below. Each carpet fibre has different properties and characteristics that include performance, stain resistance, durability and texture.

To mix and match your perfect carpet today, choose a carpet fibre, followed by a carpet colour then choose a carpet style and voila! You have your perfect Sydney carpet.

Our Range of Sydney Carpet Fibres:

nylon carpet

Nylon Carpet Sydney:

Nylon is now the number one selling carpet fibre used in the production of carpet in Sydney. Nylon doesn't just repel rough wear; it also recovers well from pile crushing and loss of pile fibre due to foot traffic. When it comes to cheap nylon carpet in Sydney, actions can be sanctioned to lessen the effect of soiling and increase the carpet’s colour clarity, improving the carpets ability to be cleaned thoroughly.

One of the best qualities of choosing a nylon carpet from Flooworld is the amount of carpet colours available to choose from.

Wool Carpet Sydney:

Wool carpet is the ideal carpet to have for a family as it can make your family cooler in the summer and make your family warmer in the winter. Wool carpet is also flame retardant for your complete safety. Wool carpet is a natural fibre that allows spills and stains to be cleaned with ease and also performs well when stressed by moisture.

Acting as an insulator, wool carpet can also heavily reduce the amount of ambient noise in your home and environment.

wool carpet
polypropylene carpet

Polypropylene Carpet Sydney:

Similar to nylon carpet, polypropylene carpet is manufactured using polypropylene yarn which is colourfast and reduces any harsh effects of sunlight exposure and fading. Polypropylene carpet contains an anti-static property which means it has excellent value for money and is the perfect choice for those not looking to spend a lot on their carpet.

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet Sydney:

Solution dyed carpet is similar to polypropylene carpet except it involves the extra process of adding colour to the molten nylon polymer before finishing the yarn. This makes solution dyed carpet very vibrant and strong in colour and in most cases you can use stronger cleaning products without harming the colour of the carpet as it has tremendous fade resistance.


solution dyed carpet
polyester carpet

Polyester Carpet Sydney:

Polyester carpet is made from polyester which is a synthetic fibre that has excellent resistance to stains and fading. Polyester carpets are well renowned for their durability, performance and great value for money. Also polyester fibres are most often manufactured out of recycled materials making this the perfect carpet option for environmentally friendly enthusiasts.


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